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bay, santa cruz mountains we were indicating some heavier rainfalls out towards the fremont area and parts of the bay. sal right now has an update on the wet roadways, good morning, sal. >>> it is windies specialsly if you are -- especially if you are driving across bridges. let's go to highway 4. it looks good driving to the tunnel and there have been no major fun der -- fender benders, let's go back to the desk. >>> strong winds and an overnight down pour knocked down a tree near the beyond mere parkway. the tree knocked over two cars. one was so damaged she said she has to work from home today. >> there is a lot of damage, the whole side of my car is just damaged. >> the tenants said they parked in the open areas because all the car ports were taken. they will now look to their landlord to reimburse them. they knocked down some power lines and a few dozen are without power in sonoma county. some of the largest outages, more than 1,000 customers don't have power in del reyes. >>> the boat stranded a woman early this morning and the cabin cruiser was swept out at 1:30 with a wom
, and 42 in concord and los gatos with 41 and livermore is the cold pot and warm spot is oakland, fremont, and mountain view and san francisco and novato at 48 degrees. we will be in the low-to-mid 40's by 7:00 and off to a cooler spot. the breezes return to our neighborhoods by the lunch hour so if you are outside it will feel cooler. 55 at the coast and low-to-mid 60's for the rest of us. upper 60's to knee 70 around the bay and a mild meeting an the coast and you will be around 51 bay and inland. not so breezy tomorrow and temperatures are close to today, and sunday will be the warm of the day in the forecast. we will have a tapering of the temperatures but, still, mild, on monday. good morning, sue. >> good morning, everyone. back to san jose we have a fatality that happened at 3:15 this morning but it is not clear what is going on but there is a dead body on the road. this is a look at the breaking news, now, in san jose, south 280 the three right lanes are blocked with a lost activity and they expect the coroner to arrive at any minute. lots of activity so avoid this area if possibl
in fremont, and it is of 50 of northbound 880, partly blocking the south fremont boulevard ramp so not any lane closures on the freeway, and the drive out of antioch is looking good this morning, very minor delays as you move toward pittsburg and into concord on westbound 84. >> making a pitch to hispanic voters, significant immigration plan that a republican senator will unveil this morning. >> smartphones, stab lets and streaming video, a survey reels how -- reveals how connected we are. >> but first this morning's money report. >> feel the effects of cyprus, markets lost ground over the we island nation and possibility of a euro zone crisis with the dow jones industrial average falling 2 points for the second consecutive loss. and yoga is -- a yoga company is pulling yoga pants. >> and a fast food chain is offering a turkey burger for limited time and if it is popular i could be part of burger king's regular menu. that is america's >> walnut creek, burlingame, calculate bell, and all bay area, this is abc7 news. >> on this use morning, it is the last day of winter. this is the embarcard
road down in morgan hill. a fund-raiser at niles hall in fremont. anton garcia torres has been charged with kidnapping and killing the teenager but her body has not been found. we are set to talk with her mother coming up later in the show. >>> the fate of city college of san francisco is now in the hands of the accreditation panel. today is the day all 14 accreditation deficiencies were supposed to be fixed. not all were but college administrators hope their recent report about how they are going about making those proposed changes will persuade the accrediting commission for junior colleges to try to keep that open. inspectors will now visit ccf earlier next month. the panel has 45 days to make a decision. >>> we have in you video of pope francis at the start of his second full day of the leader of the catholic church. today, the pope addressing the cardinals that elected him at the clementine hall at the vatican. this morning, pope francis unsealing the papal apartment at the vatican. the apartment has been sealed since pope emeritus, benedict xvi stepped down retiring back on febru
that is needed to solve the problems. >>> lawrence karnow is at the irace speedway in fremont. >> reporter: you can race any racetrack across the country. you can name your car that you want to race. i'm racing an indycar right now and this is really an incredible simulator. you get the feel of what's going on on the tracks. they have lasered all the tracks. you can feel when you crash. you get a neat feel of what the track is all about and what it's like to be a real race car driver. >>> let's talk weather. we have some scattered showers that have tapered off overnight. high-def doppler radar showing things settling down now. we very well could see a scattered light shower around the bay area today and into the afternoon. so keep that umbrella handy. we are talking 50s and 60s outside today. today is transitional but after today looks like great weather ahead, lots of sunshine for the weekend. this is great, guys. liz, i'm getting paid to race cars this morning and play videogames. that's a good gig. >> it's a good gig. unfortunately, we have some r
jogging near fremont high school was shot not leg but will be okay. the principal says counselors will talk to students about coping with violence in the community. no arrests in either shooting so far. >> the oakland first friday art festival starts with changes after the deadly shooting of a high school senior. businesses and organizers are discussing ways to improve safety. the event starts at 5:00 and ends at 9:00, an hour earlier. extra police and private security will be on patrol. the size of the venue has been reduced from a dozen blocks to five blocks. performances are focused around "healing." >> the fremont police department has announced plans for a gun buyback program march 16. a donation by a private citizen allows them to host the buy back for residents and will be held at the fremont fire training facility on stevenson boulevard. the money to be offered was not provided and the police department will release more information about the event next week. >> new details about the latest person charged in the murder of a millionaire. our media partner, the "san jose mer
, christien kafton, ktvu channel 2news. >> thank you. >>> the fremont police department is organizing a gun buy-back for a week from saturday. there have been several similar events in the bay area recently. these guns came from a buy back in santa clara county last weekend. the fremont one is held a week from tomorrow, march 16th at 10:00 a.m. at the fremont fire training facility and is open to people living in p fremont, newark and union city. >>> coming up a ktvu investigation reveals how many travelers are still trying to bring weapons through airport security. despite increased security measures. >>> right now san jose city workers are conducting a major sweep of the city's largest homeless encampments, earlier this week those living on the city evened property received notice they have to leave. janine de la vega joins us and tells us what it looks like out there. good afternoon. >> reporter: good afternoon. i just spoke with police. they say so far there has been no hostile confrontations. people are leaving and complying with orders. behind me you see a truck out there hauling off
teenager was last seen alive. our reporter is in fremont with the friends and family as they mark this anniversary. >> reporter: the last of the days events wrapped up just a short time ago here in fremont the goal of all of them to keep serous picture interning out there. friends and family marked the first anniversary of her disappearance. >> a year ago today the most important person in my life went missing. >> bullet that went missing. >> it's a sad day that i was hoping would never come there is nothing worse than not knowing what has happened to your child. >> last me someone was arrested in her kidnapping and murder. unfortunately he is saying absolutely nothing and leaving it to everyone else to try to figure out what happened to this young girl. >> reporter: thousand helped in the search. some volunteers showed up at nearly every single week. i know -- i can't imagine in times of sorrow everyone wanted to give hope as a family. in fremont where sierra our up a fundraiser included live music. there was a video that friends watch on the screen. lublin say they are trying to
canceled her shows including portland and las vegas, and novato. >> fremont police are looking for a thief who made off with $25,000 worth of copper wire from a pg&e storage yard after a man took a fork lift and drove through the storage wall fencing and loaded up the fork lit with 5,600 pound spool of copper wire and drove off. >> regard rant from the food bank this morning, supplies so short it will run out of food bit end of the week and many shelves are empty in berkeley relyingen on the county food bank. the demand the rise next week when children are home from spring break and do not have access to school-provided meals. a gap in fundraising left the food banks' food barrels empty. anyone who can donate is asked to do so immediately. we have a link on abc7 >> and dominican republic tonight at at&t park against puerto rico. the dominican republic eliminated the netherlands 4-1. the giants helped puerto rico when the previous night. they will battle going at 5:00. and a reliever no the giants lays for puerto rico. >> good pitching. >> this will be a good matchup. >> we could
, sunnyvale, los gatos and fremont. >> keep an eye on it. >>> keep an eye on the forecast because it is friday. >> checking it with meteorologist, christina loren. >>> temperatures in the 70s all weekend long. the only issue we have are winds. they are going to be rather strong in the higher elevations and right at the immediate coast for today. they will drop off just in time for the all-important weekend. as we head throughout the day, clear and breezy, turning windy and warm later on this weekend. the winds subside. we get beautiful conditions outdoors. just wait until i show you that seven-day outlook in my next report. ahead, we have rain and cold. we want you to enjoy it while it lasts, 72 in santa teresa. 69 in fremont and 66 degrees in san francisco. your full forecast in just a few moments. first, i want to take a look at that traffic alert with mike inouye. >> christine is talking about the san ho sdwla issue. 101 at 680, 280. all the freeways come together. 280 from a slightly different direction approaching the same interchange. it is southbound 280 approaching 101/680 around mclau
.m. temperatures today are going to be in the 70s, just a beautiful day. 74 for san jose. 70 in fremont. winds are going to pick up. that will become a factor later on today. >> also, that rain we are looking at for next week, getting better and better as far as our chances go. stick around. i am going to let you know when widespread rainfall comes back into the forecast. that's coming up next. >>> good friday morning. we are looking to the san mateo bridge with not a great, clear view. that's not because of the weather but because of some haze on the lens. you can clearly see that high-rise. things looking pretty clear as far as visibility. ten miles in most spots. we'll look toward the east bayside where you are approaching the bridge. that camera shot where the arrow is off of 880. there is a crash, a new one, northbound 880, around the 238 interchange. no slowing. traffic is very light. you may see a lot of activity. a car went off the roadway into a ditch. there is going to be a tow truck. i'll update you on that. we are also still following one lane of eastbound 580 as you approach airwa
in fremont. we have a racer here, this is jessica savage. how's it feel? >> it feels realistic. >> reporter: i have never seen you drive so slow. >> i know. i know. [ laughter ] >> reporter: watch out! there you go. back on the track again. it's a neat real feel of racing. these are simulated tracks with laser guiding of the tracks so they know every bump on the traffic. you get a real feel to be what it's like to be a famous racer. >>> we have changes in the weather. things beginning to settle down a bit as far as the rain is concerned. the showers are tapering off. there's still a chance we could see an isolated scattered shower but i think overall things beginning to calm down somewhat as far as the rain is concern. temperatures in the 30s and 40s outside. still a lot of clouds out there now. throughout the day, i think the weather is going to improve a bit but be prepared we might see just an isolated shower outside. the temperatures in general are going to be running on the cool side today but this will be i think after today we ar
the shelter. >> reporter: live in fremont, i'll tell you about the sting 0 operation that nabbed the suspect and got that puppy into his new home. >>> plus, a sinkhole swallows a man alive in his bedroom. find out why crews can't go in to look for the body. >>> and we'll tell you about the link between an increase in asthma and plastic. >>> and good evening. i'm jeff ranieri in the nbc bay area weather center. record setting heat today. one of the parm ewarmest. petaluma 77 degrees. rain is back in the seven-day forecast. details on the major changes coming up. >>> the nation officially in sequester. president obama had to order $85 pl in across-the-board cuts. republicans say these automatic cuts will not hurt the economy emphasizing that $85 billion is only 2% of government spending. president obama said sequester will be painful. some schools will have to close early. another round of cuts could come later this month. >>> it looked like something right out of a horror movie just outside of tampa, florida. the earth opened up and swallowed a house. >> the bedroom floor just collapsed and m
, fremont police searching for a man they say committed home break-ins and burglaries. lawrence nero was last spotted on tuesday after a burglary at a home on more ray street and last friday he led officers on a chase before getting away on foot. police say he usually rings the front doorbell during the day when no one is home and then breaks in through a back door. >>> toll workers at the golden gate bridge will be history as of wednesday, march 27. the agency that oversees the bridge announced that date yesterday. toll collecting on that bridge will go all-electronic mainly with the use of fastrak transponders come april. >>> time now is 4:36. lawrence, i'm so glad you're not on the roads, lawrence. but you're kind of driving, right? >> hey, if you have the need for speed, this is the place to be here in fremont. they have just opened up the i speed race center where you can come down and race as fast as you want. and not worry about a ticket. it looks like a great time, too. these are state-of-the-art racing components that they put in here.
cap. why fremont is being recognized as one of the best managed cities in the country. >>> also, earning his star. a bay area native now immortalized in hollywood. we'll let you know how he's reacting to the big time honor. >>> coming up next r, 30 rock. >>> the city of fremont getting some national recognition this morning for something it has that no other city in the bay area has. checking in on wall street's list of the best-run cities in all of america. fremont, check this out, has the 11th lowest crime rate in the country and the lowest poverty rate. the lowest poverty rate at 6.6%. the city is so well managed it doesn't even have a credit rating. that's because fremont does not need to issue debt to raise money for community projects or resources. somebody there doing something very right. the number one best-run city in america? that honor goes to virginia beach. fremont happens to be the only bay area city to make this list. >>> congratulations to fremont. >>> actor james franco is now immortalized in one of hollywood's most famous landmarks. yesterday franco received h
in fremont. that's where we are this morning. this is a fund-raiser for sierra lamar. from 1:00 to 5:00. they are going to have music down here, a rapper, with prizes. all the money raised will support the search for sierra. i spoke to the sheriff's department about the search for her. she would be 16 now. coming up at 5:30, i will tell you some surprising information i learned from investigators as far as what they have to go on. also, later in the show, i will have a live interview with sierra's mother, marlene. for now, live in fremont, marla tallez, "today in the bay." >>> friends and family of three people killed las weekend during a crash in daly city. >>> a 23-year-old and his mother and brother died saturday night when a car hit them as they tried to make a u-turn. the archdiocese of san francisco this afternoon holding a prayer service for the family on east more avenue in daly city at the very scene of the crash. the suspect being charged with gross vehicular manslaughter while intoxicated. at this point, he has not yet entered a plea. >>> 5:03. investigators are searching
rainfall. now we take you live to. fremont. kron 4's jeff bush continues our storm coverage. jeff? >> reporter: pam, i can tell you that it is very cold and very wet in fremont. the rain has been coming down all night long. this is a video from what we filmed earlier. it is a fine rain. but what there is is a lot of it i drove here from san jose through fremont and it was less than perfect. many white knuckle moments and speaking of san jose they have had problems. people that were waiting for a basketball game the san jose spartans were getting ready to play against the university of texas road runners. 15 minutes before the game officials called it off because of the roof leaking. right on the floor and it was going to be too dangerous. they had to cancel. and this game will not be replayed because neither team it will not impact the outcome of the playoffs. and as i mentioned, it is cold and wet. jeff bush, kron 4. >> pam: i'm here with jacqueline as she tracks the storm hitting other parts of the bay tonight. the rain should tapering off after midnight? >> jacqueline: this sho
hill. then, in the afternoon in fremont where sierra was born and raised, they will host a fundraiser. >> yeah, it's going to be a tough day. it's going to be a sad day. >> reporter: they will work to keep the search center open as long as their daughter is missing. in morgan hill, kris sanchez, nbc bay area news. >> next saturday's balloon release is planned for 9:00 in morgan hill, known as the sierra search center. a fundraiser is at 1:00 in fremont. find more information at >>> chp officers are investigating a hit-and-run in hayward. the rash happened at 12:30 this afternoon. a driver crashed into a parked car and then fled the scene. there are conflicting reports about what happened next, though. a child was in one of the cars and was injured. we'll have more information as soon as it becomes available. >>> a vallejo man is under arrest tonight after allegedly robbing a walmart and then leading police on a chase through american canyon. police were called on a report that a man stole a tv and warned security officers that he spotted a gun. police chased him t
, and then in the afternoon in fremont they'll host a fund-raiser. >> it will be a tough day. a sad day. >> reporter: they say they will work to keep the search center open as long as their daughter is missing. in morgan hill, kris sanchez, nbc bay area news. >>> next saturday's balloon release is planned for 9:00 in the morning at burnett elementary school. the fremont fund-raiser is planned for 1:00 at niles hall in fremont. >>> also in the east bay, sheriffs deputies are looking for a gunman in a deadly shooting near hayward. the shooting happened after midnight in a residential neighborhood near the intersection of princeton street and sunset boulevard, across from a high school. the victim was a man in his late 20s. investigators told nbc bay area news that they have not identified the man and are urging anyone with information on the gunman to call the alameda county sheriff's department. >>> chp officers are investigating a hit and run in hayward that happened a few blocks from this morning's deadly shooting it happened near the corner of vallejo and sunset boulevard. a driver crashed into a parked car
streaming through and back to road work as you make your way to the fremont area, we do have north 680 between south mission and north mission three lanes are blocked until 6:00 this morning and oakland, north 880, 66 to high those lanes are blocked for 15 minutes or so, until 5:00. >> 4:47. military drills are underway between the united states and south korea with north korea threatening a nuclear war. the north claims the annual military exercise is in preparation for an invasion with 10,000 south korean troops. 3,000 american troops are also going to be part of the drill. last week the u.n. voted to impose more sanctions against the north after a recent nuclear test by pyongyang. >> in afghanistan, two united states troops and three afghan police officers are dead after another afghan officer opened fire inside a police station this morning. this comes as defense secretary hagel is disputing accusations that the united states is working with the taliban to show that violent in afghanistan would worsen once the military coalition pulls out. hagel met privately with afghan's presiden
athen, the palo alto, east palo alto, fremont, mountain view, and los gatos police departments are participating in the event with 160 agencies taking part. they are tweeting of service calls to increase awareness of police work and their issues. fremont police tweeted "call a man in 50's down on a bench waving his arms and moaning, fire and p.d. on the scene." hashtag, poltwt and that is a hashtag they use, poltwt, on twitter you can follow us for news any time at abc7 news rather, abc7 news bay area. >> the cruise ship owned by carnival arrived a few hours ago and it was all supplies in spite of the troubles we heard on other cruises. abc7 news reporter katie marzullo is live from pier 27. they have a different opinion of carnival? >> i saw all happy people, happy faces getting off the we ship this morning. can you make out the top of the ship over my shoulder. this ship is a pno cruise which is one of their brands, camp value cruise line is also a carnival corporation brand of course it was the cruise line that has been in the headlines for all the wrong reasons
in the middle of a 24 hour tweet athen, the palo alto, east palo alto, fremont, mountain view, and los gatos police departments are participating in the event with 160 agencies taking part. they are tweeting of service calls to increase awareness of police work and their issues. fremont police tweeted "call a man in 50's down on a bench waving his arms and moaning, fire and p.d. on the scene." hashtag, poltwt and that is a hashtag they use, poltwt, on twitter you can follow us for news any time at abc7 news rather, abc7 news bay area. >> the cruise ship owned by carnival arrived a few hours ago and it was all supplies in spite of the troubles we heard on other cruises. abc7 news reporter katie marzullo is live from pier 27. they have a different opinion of carnival? >> i saw all happy people, happy faces getting off the we ship this morning. can you make out the top of the ship over my shoulder. this ship is a pno cruise which is one of their brands, camp value cruise line is also a carnival corporation brand of course it was the cruise line that has been in the headlines for al
including one about a bomb found in a boys bathroom. and the fremont school district put thornton junior high on lockdown for a half hour because of a bomb threat. fremont police are still investigating that incident. authorities don't believe that any of these incidents are connected. officials in pleasanton sent out a phone call and e-mail explaining the situation and want anyone who might know who wrote that note to come forward. they say that they just want to help the students. >>> overnight a magnitude 4.6 quake shook sonoma county after 2 a.m., 14 miles northeast of healdsburg. it was larger than usual for the area but not a lot of people felt it. the sheriff's department tells us it only took two calls and there are no reports of damage. >>> an earthquake early warning system passed a major test in california. how it could change the way we respond to quakes in the future. >>> now to continuing coverage. election of a new pope. pope francis began his first morning as the new pontiff by demonstrating the humility he's known for. without a gran
flores is live in fremont to explain the problem. good morning, brian. >> reporter: good morning, tori. it certainly can be a very dirty problems at times. these pigeons are causing a lot of damage at most of the b.a.r.t. stations throughout the bay area. it's costing them millions of dollars. in fact, the agency says they spent up to $2 million to lay down spike strips sure birds don't land there. another million is being spent to deal with pigeons at five east basis stas. pigeons are a concern at two other stations. ironically, b.a.r.t. says the birds are adapting to the measures like the stripe strips. in fact, some say they are starting to lay eggs. they are not only dealing with the birds but also the cleanup as well. and b.a.r.t. is being careful about the habitat. crews having to tunnel around a known bird habitat and that's costing the agency another $5 million to deal with that. a few years ago, the agency instilled recorded bird noises of hawks and eagles meant to drive away pigeons. they say they've installed those sounds at all of the b.a.r.t. stations, including the newly-
of dollars. brian flores is live in fremont to explain the problem. good morning, brian. >> reporter: good morning, tori. it certainly can be a very dirty problems at times. these pigeons are causing a lot of damage at most of the b.a.r.t. stations throughout the bay area. it's costing them millions of dollars. in fact, the agency says they spent up to $2 million to lay down spike strips sure birds don't land there. another million is being spent to deal with pigeons at five east basis stas. pigeons are a concern at two other stations. ironically, b.a.r.t. says the birds are adapting to the measures like the stripe strips. in fact, some say they are starting to lay eggs. they are not only dealing with the birds but also the cleanup as well. and b.a.r.t. is being careful about the habitat. crews having to tunnel around a known bird habitat and that's costing the agency another $5 million to deal with that. a few years ago, the agency instilled recorded bird noises of hawks and eagles meant to drive away pigeons. they say they've installed those
. >> the city of fremont has something to be proud of today. the financial news group hold 24-7 wall street " rent-free my no. 4 on the list of 100 cities that are well-managed. that includes the 11 lowest crime rate. a poverty rate of 6.6%. a 90% of its residents are graduating from high school. fremont is so well managed, that it does not even have a credit rating because the city does not need to issue debt to raise funds for community projects or other resources. irvine, california came in second on the list a well managed cities. the best one city in the united states is virginia beach, virginia. >> coming up on kron 4 morning news. we will have more on our developing story out of berkeley where there has been a fire at a famous restaurant. [ female announcer ] now your best accessory can be your smile. with colgate optic white toothpaste. it whitens over 2 shades more than a leading whitening toothpaste. and try colgate optic white mouthwash. to whiten more than 3 shades, use the whole whitening line, from colgate optic white. >> welcome back. if we are now bringing in the opening bel
. that is in the east bay on niles boulevard in fremont. that will run from 1:00 until 5:00 this afternoon. >> katie: a violent bank robbery suspect was release willed from jail is subject of a f.b.i. manhunt this morning. gary fite, jr. had to be released because the authorities missed the deadline to charge him. alan wang say why they fear he is more dangerous now. >> he is gary fite, he struck a gun to the teller's head and made off with more than $3,000. he was arrested and back on the streets just three days later because of a missed deadline. law enforcement has 72 hours to file charges after an arrest or the suspect is released. the workday ends officially at 5:00 p.m. fite was arrested at 4:56 on friday which means the district attorney had to file charges by 5:00 p.m. on tuesday. for some reason, they thought they had until wednesday. the contra costa county sheriff's department said he didn't have any outstanding warrants and so they had to release him. >> there is obviously he robbed a bank. >> inefficiency and it's totally irresponsible. we have enough crazy people around. >> the senior
's for fremont and upper 60s for fairfield and pittsburg. it will be low 60's for richmond and downtown san francisco will be checking in at 69 degrees. it will be chilly conditions for ocean city. >> your satellite radar shows that clouds are kicking in and that we did have a light system that passed through. it is pretty much the same story for the rest of the work week perry e. person and identify the morning we will see some more sprinkles. the temperatures could get pretty close to the '70s. a another system will arrive friday night into saturday and it will continue as we transition into the weekend. the time now is 6:17 a.m.. >> we continue to monitor a good ride. we do have the potential of a hot spot in fremont. this is set the bay bridge toll plaza where the meter and lights have now been activated. for the last 15 minutes only the cash lanes were back up. if the drive time has moved from 12 minutes to 14 minutes the san mateo bridge is problem free and the golden gate bridge looks good from marin county. as we pick up the east bay commute is heavier traffic from
-valley, we have 84, considerable slowing coming out of differ more and down towards sunol into fremont. the northbound side of 680, a crash as you are heading around the bend past durham. a little bit of slowing. everything should be off to the shoulder. here, south 880 at stevenson, sounds like five cars involved in a crash there. they were in the fast lane. they have finally cleared to the shoulder. expect that to start moving. more slowing for millipede dis. 110, pretty typical. airport is with are it ends. it starts at 680. south monterrey highway currently blocked. heading toward kurt ner. coleman and taylor, we have this pulled down. crews are on skoon with power knocked down. it looks like some of the lights are coming on the streets. it is are there. back to you. >>> it is 6:22. coming up, a drink that will make you feel like the commander in chief, how you can sip from the george washington secret whiskey recipe next. >>> a 5.9 magnitude earthquake has occurred in mexico city. sending thousands fleeing into the streets. no immediate reports of damage or injuries to report so f
francisco, oakland and fremont. in redwood city, thieves have struck at least five homes on the same block in just the past few months. >> they took my grandmother's wedding ring. they took my wedding ring and band. my mother's wedding ring. every piece of jewelry my father ever bought my mother. >> critics say the police are not giving enough high priority to property crimes because of staffing reductions and budget cuts. >>> still ahead on "today in the bay," it has been almost a year since sierra lamar disappeared. >> as a parent, i'm not going to let go of the hope that she's still alive. >> the family of missing morgan hill teenager sierra lamar speaks exclusively with nbc bay area. hear what they had to say about the suspected -- the suspect accused of her murder. >>> this coming saturday will mark one year since sierra lamar vanished while on her way to school. although a man is in jail charged with her murder, there's still no sign of the morgan hills teenager's body. her parents tell me they still cling to the hope that means she's still alive. sierra lamar's smiling face looks on
road in fremont. it runs from 1:00 p.m. to 5:00 p.m.. >> this man, antolin garcia torres is in custody and charged with murdering her. he has been held without bail in santa clara county jail since may. investigators found dna evidence in his car leading him to the murder. they also charged and with attempted to kidnap three women in 2009. >> the fbi is joining the search for an oakland man wanted for robbing a bank in pinole. 22 year-old gary f ite jr. was are rare rested for the crime earlier this month. but as kron 4 slipway the drawl explphilippe djegal es miscommunication between law-enforcement agencies led to his release. >> they stated that there were no other warnings allowed them to hold him. the d. a's office cannot be reached for a comment. they stated that the federal or arrest warrant has been issued with him and he is going to be charged with armed robbery. >> he has some connection is to oakland, antioch, and reno nevada. we're also looking for tips. >> they stated that he should be considered armed and dangerous. if you have any informational his whereabouts you should
the traffic and weather conditions, and keep you updated throughout tonight's newscast. a fremont school for the third time in a week -- the victim of a bomb threat. the bomb threat was phoned in here to the office of the fremont unified school districtthe target thornton jr. high schooltracking down the person responsible has proved to be a real challenge for fremont policewho believe suspect the is participating in swattingestablishing phone service through the hide his identitythen making crank calls that will prompt a major police response >> "with the advent of the internet and cell phone technology people will hope on the phone try to conceal their number try to get the police to respond out to a fake emergency" >> reporter: fremont police point with many online cell phone service providers allowing customers to create accountswith no contractsusing made-up names like joe smithit is hard to track down people involved in swatting. >> "it is always trying to figure out who the carrier is, where they're calling from and track down their actual location" >> reporter: fremon
in less than a week, thornton junior high fremont was the target of a bomb threat. the most recent was monday afternoon and it turned out to be another false alarm. however, some parents are upset that they were not notified. fremont police said they alerted the public using the nixel system. the school superintendent says the district did not contest parents about the recent false alarm. >> police are looking for a man who made off with a 5,600 lbs. spool of copper wire from a pg&e storage yard. the copper was stolen on sunday and is valued at more than $25,000. police said the man stole it for quick from a nearby construction site, drover proficient at the store jordan used to low gospel of copper onto a flatbed truck. >> contra costa county fire crews are working to contain a house fire in a moment that the island. two alarm fire broke out early this morning at 1480 taylor st.. crews say they're having a hard time containing the fire did at the foul lines the area. pg&e says some lines in the area are down at this hour. crusade to loans to the siren danger due to those down line
of them. >>> fremont police need your help finding the man connected to a rash of home burglaries. lawrence narrow is accused burglaries near meyer court. he's 25 years old and wanted a $1 million bond. police say he's 5'10", sometimes has a beard. he has led police on several chases sometimes ditching a car and jumping fences to escape. >>> it's 5:07. more reasons to call this feel-good friday. it's friday of course and christina loren says that rain is going away. we'll see sunshine for the weekend. >> spring-like weather returning very soon to the bay area. good morning to you, jon and laura. taking a live look at your doppler radar. showers just started to subside over the past couple of hours. your highways are nice and slick. we'll see on and off very isolated activity as we head throughout the morning. want to widen out for you and show you this sprawling area of low pressure. this is our weather maker starting to move into southern california. it will continue to move through as we head throughout the day. you can see these little spin up showers coming into the south bay.
about it. >> san jose valley christian high and fremont christian high and loss gatos high all contributed experiments. >>> an investor group bought the market street venue. the price has not been disclosed but sources say it was close to the $6.5 million asking price. the new owner signed a lease extension with the entertainment company aeg live. >>> confessing to numerous violations, how this catholic school is paying for its basketball team. >>> san jose rolls out the red carpet. the a-list celebrity honored at a popular film festival. >>> after a foggy start this morning, the temperatures warm nicely this afternoon. coming up, the coolest day of the weekend and when rain showers resurface on the 5-day forecast wh♪ think of this one? ♪ ♪ really? ♪ ♪ what's this? this is a rose i made from a turnip. let's try together. ♪ ♪ perfect. two worlds that fit in one kitchen. come in today and save up to 20% on a kitchen from ikea. >>> firefighters are working on the blaze that started yesterday. a few miles outside of the city of riverside. the blaze is 60% containe
than planned. that is great news for students at fremont christian school who spent five months designing experiments to see how microgravity affects plant growth. the spacecraft almost didn't make it there at all. shortly after lift off the rocket's second-stage thrusters failed to work. it took southern california flight controllers several hours to regain control and continue the mission. >> this morning demolition crews have been tearing down the home where a sinkhole swallowed a man in his bedroom. work finished for the day. earlier they were using heavy equipment, knocking the house apart because it's unstable. they called off the search for the victim, 37-year-old jeff bush yesterday. there have been no signs of life since he cried out for life on thursday as a 20-foot wide sinkhole swallowed him right where he was sleeping. the victim's brother tried in vain to dig him out and since then would-be rescuers were told to stay back because of the risk of the growing sinkhole. >>> coming up, the vatican gears up to decide the leader of the catholic church. what is next for th
, and temperatures in santa rosa, at 49, we are at 50 in napa and fairfield and livermore is 51 and fremont and gilroy, dress for 53. here is what i think will happen: cooler today, we will get some sunshine this afternoon, it will take some time but it will breakthrough. rain do showers is what we will have for tuesday, wednesday, and thursday, our coolest days in the forecast and a warming trend for the weekend, hopefully as warm as last weekend, and you notice all the pollen, i have a black car. then it was lime green this morning because of the pollen. san mateo shows the peninsula, and san francisco today at one degree cooler and san jose two degrees cooler but we are six or seven or possibly eight degrees cooler in concord and fremont. today, it will be a struggle to get into the 60's with low 60's in the east bay valleys and most of us in the mid-to-upper 50's and i do not expect much sun at the coast, with the breeds coming off the ocean and keeping you in the low 50's and the clouds break up in time to cool us down in the mid-to-upper 30's inland and low-to-mid 40's elsewhere. here
and mission roads coming from the hills and slide into fremont. you can see we are seeing our better radar runs. headed to the south, you can see light to moderate rain right now headed back to lafayette street across 237, over toward mountain view and sunnyvale we are seeing a little bit of a decrease in the intensity of your rain and you can see from cupertino all the way down to saratoga over to campbell pretty good radar runs right there on 85 and also on 17 coming into downtown san jose where we are seeing light-to-moderate rain. this is all headed to the northeast. the east bay valley is ready to get another round. mid-40's, to low 50's outside, and as we head into the afternoon hours, we are going to have scattered shows throughout the forecast with temperatures hanging in the mid-50's. we will get a low tonight and more showers tomorrow when the snow level dips to 3,000 feet, and friday and saturday increasing sunshine and warmth. still unsettled. sue? >> speaking of tahoe, we do have chain requirements on highways 80 and 50. if you are headed to the sierra you need four-wheel driv
and temperatures in the mid-70s. tomorrow, 42 in santa rosa, 49 in fremont, 48 in san jose, and also 47 in los gatos. and daytime highs on wednesday, topping out just a few degrees warmer. but that will make all the difference with 81 expected in gilroy, 78 in pasadena, and los gatos, in livermore, 78 in pleasonton, not quite 80 in san francisco, 73, close to it in santa rosa with 78 degrees. the three-day forecast, dry all the way through friday, with mainly again, mild temperatures the next couple of days. by this weekend, the numbers go down again. smooth sailing, the weather man is very happy. we have been able to add up the cloud cover, we want the rainfall. spring arriving wednesday of next week. and forecast models, the gfs model to be specific, now hinting at the chance here, maybe a quarter inch of rain next wednesday. >> we could use it. >> i'm very happy about it. >> i forget about gfs. >> we'll be right back. >>> well, say good-bye to solyndra, and hello to seagate, the computer disk drive maker is putting its mark at the site of the former solyndra plant in fremont. you can see it
bathrooms. and fremont school district put thornton junior high on lockdown for a half hour yesterday afternoon because of a bomb threat. fremont police are still investigating that but they do not believe any of these incidents at the separate schools are connected. some students feel the threat here at foothill was probably some teenager wanting some attention, but school officials aric thatting the threat seriously, they want to know exactly who wrote that note and really say that most of all they want to reach out to the student and give them the help they need. we're live in pleasantton, channel 2 news. >>> today the new pope will hold a mass, pope francis was elected on the fifth round, the 76-year-old born eight days before christmas day in argentina. a spokesman called him a reformer hoping to clean up the money laundering scandal in the vatican bank. pope francis is the first jesuit pope, the order typically teaches and works on behalf of the poor but seldom rises in the church hierarchy. the crowd is not as big as st.peters's square. i'll take you back live, vatican city. po
in fremont has become the latest victim of what appears to be a growing trend, armed gunmen on the hunt for prescription painkillers. watch as the two-hooded gunmen storm the store, looking for oxycodone. it is the second time the pharmacy has been targeted for the drug in the last three months. more on the growing and dangerous trend. >> reporter: for 55 years, the folks here at the pharmacy have been filling prescriptions for their loyal customers. but in all that time, they have never experienced something like that. hostile armed robberies by gunmen after meds, not money. >> it is so scary, you know, people coming in with the gun -- you know, in your face, you know, or as a pharmacist, all we're trying to do is serve the public. >> reporter: take a look at the armed men who came into ho klers pharmacy, demanding drugs, and this is what they were after, oxycodone, a highly addictive pain killer, stronger than heroin. >> if you pick up a bottle of a 100, you're talking about $5,000, and you know, sometimes they can get four or six bottles. and it may take them two or six minutes to ge
. >>> we are looking at fremont and 880. we have one east bay incident to talk about. it is a significant alert. get to the maps to show you the same area. it is not the fremont funnel. that is fine. the sinol is just fine. as you are approaching airway, the reports of a big rig blocking three lanes of your freeway. we just got the update.
of those, yeah. wake up crying. >> reporter: the emotional day ended with a fund-raiser in fremont where sierra was born and raised. the girl who's come to be known as everyone's daughter, bringing a community together, and that's keeping her parents as hopeful as ever. >> i want to find her. sierra, back with us. just get back to a normal life. >> when i see her, i'm going to hold her in my arms and just never let go. >> reporter: the money raised today will help keep the saturday searches going for sierra. diane? >> thanks, marla. >>> the man accused of kidnapping and murdering sierra lamar has not entered a plea. investigators say they found antolin garcia torres' dna on lamar's clothing and her dna in his car. legal experts say a long delay is not unusual with a case like this with an active investigation and no body. garcia torres has been charged with trying to kidnap three women in 2009. the santa clara district attorney says garcia torres is scheduled to enter a plea on april 4th. >>> the judge in the rape case involving two high school football layers in ohio said today he will
in the bay area in the last month. >>> a gun buyback event in fremont today collected more than 340 weapons. an anonymous benefactor donated $50,000 to buy back the guns. police say the donors gave the money because they lost a family friend to gun violence people turning in the guns were paid between $100 and $300 depending on the weapon but money wasn't the only reason. >> i've had them for maybe 35, 40 years and never used them. so wife was never comfortable with rifles around. so it's an opportunity. $100 each. >> police ended the event when they ran out of money and they paid out $50,300. >>> a new legal battle brewing over gun shows in the bay area. gun show organizers are going to court to challenge local bans on gun sales on government property. santa clara is one of the few counties that allows such sales as this one as the county fairgrounds in san jose today. the company that organized this says bans are unconstitutional. on monday a federal appeals court will take up the company's case against alameda county. >>> a sad anniversary in morgan hill today. it was one year ago when s
in the church. tonight a fremont order of nuns has a huge stake in that future. >> like many, the dominican sisters watched as pope francis presided over the mass. for many, what pope francis brings to the church and world was clear. >> headlines tomorrow should say we know have a green pope. my hope is that pope takes an active stance in preserving the beautiful world and our beautiful universe. >> pope francis appeared to be a ban of the people. >> the babies, the infirm. just touching the, you know, and put in his body what he, in his body what st. francis was about. >> perhaps less clear how the pope will lead the church out of the painful chapters of the past. >> it's a good thing it's being dealt with but it's not the only issue among the people of god. >> one area that sisters would like to see pope francis tackle greater leadership roles for women in the church. >> boy have liked to have seen more women involved in mass today but they wrchblt i think women need to be recognized as intelligent, committed ministries in the church. >> for some, the initial signs are hope of. but they n
heading off to jordan. >> a new clue could help catch a copper thief. fremont investigators believe it may have been stolen and then used in a break in. thieves stole $25,000 worth of copper wire and then allegedly fled in this orange truck. you're urged to call fremont police. >> the city sweetening the pot. tonight, the city council agreed to give up millions of dollars in revenue if the 49ers end up hosting super bowl xl. the league says it will announce the home city in late may. >>> it is being built as the next antenna row. >> crews are working on a massive retail and residential village. nbc bay area is live with why not everyone is a big fan. >> well, jessica, supporters and opponents agree that traffic here in san antonio road is already bad. and critics of the development say it will just make things worse. >> chef lawrence chu has been serving dinner for 43 years. he's watching a new dense housing and retail development go up across the street with great interest. >> it is long overdue. >> phase one of the village was housing and retail is just about complete. phase 2 includes a
informacion. 00:01 00:49 01:25 01:55 cesar ---en fremont la policia ---en fremont la policia busca al sospechoso de haber robado miles de dolares en cables de cobre. take vo ---los investigadore s aseguran que el sujeto ingreso a una bodega propiedad de "pg&e" ubicada en "boyce road" el domingo por la maÑana. ---el sujeto ingreso a la bodega utilizando un montacargas robado luego coloco unas 5 mil 600 libras de cable en la cama de un pick up. ---la policia esta buscando una camioneta ford aÑo 90 modelo "350" o "450". blanca tiempo de la primera pausa pero al regresar .. take vo ---algunos niÑos del area de la bahia luchan para lograr una reforma migratoria .. le diremos que medios utilizan para hacerse escuchar. take vo-cesar ---una explosion en un sitio militar deja siete muertos y varios heridos, los detalles en breve take sot segment ends de peluche y una reforma migratoria? dentro de poco, mucho... blanca ---en una historia que usted slo ver por telemundo, comunidades de f se preparan para lanzar una campaÑa nacional titulada "la lucha del peluche" y su objetivo es ayudar a im
with a concept to install at the fremont street entrance to the bus plaza through our conversation with the security s m e's and the urs team and design team discussed a number of potential alternatives including while a portion of the plaza was not in operation can we just park a bus there rather than in stalling balls there -- or to prevent threat circumstances. ultimately the recommendation we settled upon was to install the wedge type barriers that you maybe familiar with rather than retractable ball ar, barriers that are in the down position where the roadway is open where compared to other areas where we are using practical ball arred would have design to meet the performance objectives and between the fremont street front aj of the plaza would be for millions of dollars less than the retractable bal ar. it's an example of the dialogue and that occurred >> also the gfrc, go from at an as the result of the metal >> the g f r c ceiling system from the beginning of the design were proposed to be gfrc, the gfrc has a weight of about 17 pounds per square foot and from the beginni
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